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CNC 10 Spindle Drilling SPM for Drilling 30 Water Transfer Holes by Vertical Indexing

CAM Shaft Bush Pressing SPM for Cylinder Block

CNC Piston Bore Boring SPM with NT tooling for 4 & 6 Cylinder Block

CNC Closing Cap Fitting SPM for 4 & 6 Cylinder Block

CNC 4 Spindle Line Boring SPM for 4 Cylinder Block

CNC Surface Broaching SPM for Cylinder Block & Cap

CNC 2 Station Angular Hole Drilling SPM for Drilling dia. 3 on Head face

CNC Single Spindle Piston Bore Boring SPM with NT TOOLING
CNC Piston Bore Boring SPM with NT Tooling for 4 & 6 Cylinder Block


1. High technology CNC machine of today and tomorrow designed for high dynamics with Cutting speed of 1000 mt/min, Feed rate of 1000 mt/min during forward semi-Finish cycle & Cutting speed of 1050 mt/min, Feed rate of 600mm/min during reverse Finish cycle by deflecting boring bar achieved by NT Systems.

2. VFA special Boring bar design integrated with NT Technology for performing

  • Semi-Finish Boring
  • Read Chamfer
  • Top Counter Bores
  • Finish Boring

In one cycle with single spindle axis.

3.Unmanned machine with total automation including & unloading.

4.Spindle head with Ac Inbuilt Motor is mounted directly on shaft which is couple to Spindle of high torsional ridigity for smooth running with least vibration level & no side forces like belt tensioning. Hence less runout of Spindle & higher accuracies on Component .

4. High accuracy machine wit enveloped guide way system for Z-axis to produce bores with cylindricity less than 0.005mm at high cutting parameters.

5.Rigid structures designed for static & dynamic rigidity.

6. Super precision LM guide ways & Ball screws used for positional accuracy & repeatability of two CNC Slides - one for feeding & another for indexing of component.

7.Coolant through Spindle

8.Spindle cooling & AC Inbuilt motor cooling with oil Chiller

9. CBN Tooling for Semi-Finishing operation

10. Component flooded with heavy coolant during machining cycle to cool component to improve Tool-life & hence produce bores of high quqlity.


                                        Machine No. :           VFA 056
                                        Customer :           M/s. Man Force Trucks Pvt. Ltd.,           Pithampur
                                        Component :           Cylinder Block (4 & 6 Cylinder)
                                        Comp. Material :           Cast Iron
                                        Operations :           Semifinish of Piston Bore, Top Counter           Bores with depth sensing in forward &           Finish Bor in reverse
                                        Output/HR :           10 components of 6 Cylinder Block